What is Twidios?

Twidios is a Chrome extension that uses your Twilio account to add Phone and SMS functionalities to your Podio workspace.

What is one major benefit of using Twidios?

Twidios makes it easy to manage calls more efficiently and empowers entrepreneurs to work from anywhere. In short, Twidios provides the best way to connect since it provides entrepreneurs with the flexibility they need to effectively manage communications within their Podio workspace.

How does it work?

  • Choose your preferred business number and we will help you set up an extension.
  • We will help you record custom greetings with extension menus. Greetings can be specifically customized for your business which means that when your callers call, they will hear your professional greetings.
  • Route your calls anywhere. This flexibility will allow you to make your business mobile since you can take your calls anywhere such as at home, office and even at the road.
  • Read your voicemails. Your voicemails are converted into audio which you can easily listen to and are saved in your Podio workspace.

How do you install Twidios?

To install Twidios, visit our walk through video here.

If you still need help, please contact our support staff at https://twidios.zendesk.com/

How much do I pay to use Twidios?

To use Twidios it is only 9.99 a month for the extension. Your Phone numbers, minutes used and SMS are pay as you go and charged through Twilio.com.  Please take a look at their price guide here https://www.twilio.com/pricing.

What is Twilio?

Twilio is a simple, pay – as – you – go cloud communications system that enables web browsers as well as mobile devices to send and receive voice calls via a two-way streaming audio pipe. Twidios is powered by Twilio and a click to call option is made specifically for Podio. This will allow you to make and receive phone calls in your Podio workspace and get easy access to all recordings and links in your Twidios app.

Do I need a Twilio account?

Yes, you will need a Twilio account to use Twidios. You can start with a Twilio trial account to see if you would like to use the Twidios system in Podio.  Remember you have a free 14 day Twidios Trial period.  To get started with a Twilio Trial account, watch the following video guides here and to see more on how the Twilio trial works visit Twilio Free Trial.

How do I buy new numbers?

To buy new numbers, visit your Twilio account here https://www.twilio.com. You can go to your console dashboard to purchase new numbers. Please look at the Twilio pricing guide for an update on all pricing https://www.twilio.com/pricing.

How do I port my number?

Already have a number you love to use? You can Port your number to Twilio and use it with your Twidios Chrome Extension. To port your number follow the instructions here.

Are there set up fees required?

No set fees are required. Simply create your account and start using Twidios for as little as $9.99 per month.

Is it a monthly subscription or a long term contract?

Using Twidios is a monthly subscription which you can cancel anytime.

What are payment options?

All payments are through Google Chrome Web Store Payments and are handled securely through Google Chrome.

How many numbers can I have in my account?

You can have as many numbers as you like.  Please note, Twilio charges monthly for each number.  The prices start at only $1 a month.  See more about pricing here https://www.twilio.com/pricing.

Is Twidios available as a mobile App?

Not yet!  But we are working on it.  We are working on expanding to a web app, ios, and android app.  We are also working to include number assignment, groups,  auto response, and so more. Stay Tuned!

Can I select a specific number for myself?

Sure, you can select specific numbers visit our quick tips tutorials for how to select specific numbers. Visit Twidios Tutorials!